Britain’s Latest Bid to Help Small Businesses: A New Bank

Since the financial crisis arose four years ago, when governments in the U.S. and the U.K. bailed out their biggest banks with hundreds of billions of dollars, policy makers have struggled with a lingering question: Did those bailouts do enough to help small businesses that depend on banks for loans?

British Business Secretary Vince Cable answered with an emphatic “no” on Monday in a speech to his party, the Liberal Democrats—and he called for a new government-backed bank to help.

“Our leading banks are often anti-business, especially anti-small business,” he said. “We need a new British business bank with a clean balance sheet and an ability to expand lending rapidly to the manufacturers, exporters, and high growth companies that power our economy.”

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Small Business Tax Myths

House Republicans exploit Americans’ confusion about marginal rates to sow fear about Obama’s proposed tax hikes.

By Matthew Yglesias

President Obama reiterated Monday his opposition to Republican efforts to fully extend the Bush tax cuts beyond their scheduled expiration at the end of this year. Instead, Obama says he wants to extend most of the tax cuts for one year (2013) while allowing the top two tax brackets to revert to Clinton-era levels. His hope is that Congress will use 2013 to pass broad tax reform. Under Obama’s plan, households with taxable incomes above $250,000 will pay higher taxes, which the GOP is furious about, especially citing the dire impact on small business owners.

What’s striking about this whole debate is how the very business owners and politicians who seem certain that tax shifts will radically harm the economy are bizarrely uninformed about how the tax code actually works. In particular, they don’t appear to understand what marginal tax rates and tax brackets actually are.

The Republican majority on the House small business committee unveiled a small-businessopen mic site on Monday to reveal “what small business owners are saying about the president’s plan to raise taxes.” Some of what they’re saying is that they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Steve Piechota of Netronix Integration in San Jose, Calif., leads the list of complainers. He explains that his business has grown from 3 employees to 50 over the past five years and that the “growth has kept our income low, as we’ve invested back into the company in the form of additional jobs and equipment.” But thanks to tax hikes, he fears that the growth has come to an end. “Bottom line,” he warns, “raising our taxes means we’ll quit growing, lay off people and stay under the $250k level for income.” His concern is reminiscent of a (since-corrected) September 2011 USA Today piece warning people that the extra money that comes with a raise “is nice, but it could very well bump you into the next tax bracket, possibly leaving you with less money than you had before the raise.”

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