6 Essential Traits to Look for When Building a Small Business Team

Assembling a small business team is much like building a new house. You have to carefully handpick the materials you’ll need to maintain a successful enterprise over time. The following 7 traits are those you should look for when hiring individuals to join your team in hopes of attaining a prosperous future for your small business:

1. Self-motivated

Seek out those who are self-motivated. This means individuals who can get up each morning with an inner-drive and motivate themselves to work hard each day. We all get down on ourselves at times, which is normal, but adding those to your small business team who are already eager to do great things can be a big benefit.

2. Proactive

The term active is in the word proactive – and for good reason. Someone who is proactive is able to take the bull by the horns and get things done without being hindered by potential conflicts or stress. For example, if a problem pops up with the backend workings of a website, a web developer would immediately jump into action to get it resolved so that a company’s website would be fully functional again in no time. Proactive individuals can make the right decisions when necessary.

3. Innovative

Finding innovative thinkers is not always the easiest task. But hiring these types of professionals is critical to the ultimate success of your startup venture. An innovative thinker is one who thinks outside the box and comes up with unique and refreshing ideas to help a small business grow. Look how far innovative thinking took Steve Jobs in his career.

4. Adaptable

Running any small business or startup venture requires a great deal of adaptability on the part of the business owner. The same can be said for those he or she manages. People who are easily frustrated by change are not the ones you’d want in your business. Find candidates who have proven to be adaptable in prior positions, and inquire in your interviews about how they’ve dealt with change and the need to adapt. You never know what lies ahead on your business path, so being surrounded by individuals who can handle uncertainty is a must.

5. Reliable

Reliability may be the most important trait to be on the lookout for when assembling your staff. Find people who will get to work on time. Find people who will get their work done each day. There is no greater feeling than knowing you can rely on someone to get the job done within a certain timeframe.

6. Loyal

It’s hard to find loyal employees who will stick it out through the thick and thin. The good news is that there are loyal people out there. Do your best to identify and hire these types of workers. Focus on nabbing individuals who are looking to grow into a position and move up the ladder. If you can keep your best employees with you for several years, your chances of long-term success will go up significantly.

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