About 1800Accountant

Business Accounting Tools And Services You Can Count On.

1800Accountant is located on the 60th floor of the Empire State Building in New York. We are a national accounting firm that assists small and new businesses in all 50 states, Canada, Australia and the UK. Our mission is to provide small businesses with affordable accounting and tax preparation services. Our experienced team of over 100 in house tax professionals are ready to start working for your business today. Call for a free consultation.

Helping Businesses With Our Free Consultation

1800Accountant will provide you with a free no cost, no obligation consultation. Our experienced tax experts and business advisors can assist you with streamlining your business procedures allowing you to focus more attention on sales and marketing which directly leads to more revenue for your business. 1800Accountant is committed to acting in the best interest of our clients by maintaining the highest ethical standards and acting with integrity through all communications and actions. Having already helped thousands of clients solidify their business practices over the past 8 years, our record stands for itself.


Please visit our main site at 1800Accountant.com